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It's been an incredible and eventful year. The coming days seem just as promising. Mark your calendars for 'Potluck Picnic Pune' on Sunday, January 12th and register here for a morning of merriment and shared low carb foods at the picturesque Vetal Tekdi.

Well you might as well block your weekends in all cities. Our Hyderabad chapter celebrated their first anniversary of gathering together for runs with..you guessed it, a run!

GetSetGo! Our Hyderabad run was on Sunday, 5th January 2020

Have you ever wished you could be at two places at the same time? I wish I could have teleported myself from our Hyderabad run straight to Delhi for our coffee meetup.

Delhi coffee meetup was on the 5th

Let's run through the last month of 2019

New chapter - Hyderabad

Our family is growing! Lakshmi and Divya join us as the Chapter Leads for Hyderabad city. We are excited to work together with them and our wonderful community in Hyderabad on a common cause.

Blue Circle Sweet Souls Hyderabad

December run at JM Road, Pune

Our Pune friends got together on Sunday, 8th December for the last run of the year powered by Switify and as you can see we had a lot of fun!

T1s walk 100km

Four type 1 diabetics made history by the being the first type 1 team in the history of the event and the country to attempt and successfully complete a 100km trailwalker. Read the blog that chronicles our experience about how we practiced, what we ate, drank, how our support crew helped us and what our BGs were throughout the walk. See more photos from the trailwalk here.

Team Walking on Insulin, L-R : Raj, Chinmay, Nupur, Sonu with one of our support crew members, Rohan

Pune party

The community that runs together, parties together. Enough said.

Pune party people


Sift through our blog here. We write about everything from recipes to people's stories and technology and oh, diabetes too!

December campaign : #DiabetesAwareness

Watch two sweet girls, both called Ovi share how they do their bit to create diabetes awareness.

Resident cutie, Revant talks about eating healthy meals.

Abha is a strong advocate for diabetes, see what she says.

Blue Circle Diabetes charity calendars

Watch Snehal unboxing the Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation's diabetes charity calendar. Order your copies here if you haven't already!

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