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Nupur Lalvani

Runner | Founder Director at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation | Type One Run Pune Chapter Leader | Certified Diabetes Educator | Certified Pump Trainer

Chhavi Chadha

Marketing Professional | Tea & T1D advocate | Chasing unicorns for life

Madhura Damle

An Alpha Woman.

Rohan Arora

Type 1 diabetic... also a Poet, Designer, Painter, Photographer! ................"kuch kho kar paya hai, ya pa kar khoya hai .............kuch boond khoon roz ganwaya, par jeene ka tarika aaya hai"

Suradha I.

Diabetes hasn't made me any sweeter.

Sunil Kanukuntla

Father of Vindhya, a 5 year old type1 diabetic, diagnosed 2 years back. An engineer by training, manager by profession.

Sirisha Mantha

Mother of a strong, beautiful and an artist T1D daughter. Parent of a naughty and clever Indie dog. Wife of a scientist. Engineer, studied patent laws, worked as manager, loves cooking and writing :)

Lakshminarayana Varimadugu

I am student of University of Hyderabad, pursuing my Masters in Political Science, T1 since 2012 and visually challenged since birth

Alex Fernandes

Telling it as it as

Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation

Online and Offline Space for everything Diabetes.

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