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Three years ago you came to my life,

I wasn’t even looking for you.

The sound of your name frightened me,

I didn’t want you to stay, but you stayed anyway.

I hated you so much for being so stubborn,

Did the extremes, thinking one day you will go away.

Little did I know you were just a reflection of me,

Fighting against you didn’t seem to be my safest play.

You caused me pain like pouring rain,

I've seen my efforts all going in vain.

Never in my life so purposeless I felt,

So I paused for a bit to look for help.

Some strangers became buddies in no time,

They showed me how to age with you like a fine wine.

I wanted to give up, but they lift me above and up,

Making me rediscover the depth inside my half-full cup.

Everyone wants a cure, because that’s the easy way,

Sometimes I want it too, but sometimes I want you to stay.

You are certainly not easy to tame,

But hey buddy, know that I'm a strong game.

All now I want is to thank you,

I wouldn’t be Madhura without you.

So I stand tall raising my arm,

I am one in million, isn’t that a charm?!

With Love,



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