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We have been overwhelmed with all your video and photo contributions to our February campaign #FavouriteHealthyFood and yet again we had to extend our February campaign right into the first week of March but we are not complaining at all! We are loving it!

I am writing this blog from a small, dusty village with super sketchy internet, called Khilchipur near Sawai Madhopur in the state of Rajasthan which is home to the majestic tigers in the Ranthambore National Park and Ranthambore Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. I am pleased to report that I have had no trouble finding low carb food options even in such a remote place. Promise I didn't count tiger chops as keto food! Joking!

This is how our #FavouriteHealthyFood campaign started. We asked that you open open up your kitchens and hearts to us and show us the foods that work well for your sugars and boy, were we swamped!

Here's a curated list of your favourite healthy foods contributed by all of you from all over the world!

Eggs are probably my most favourite food of all times. I really loved the quick 'Cup Egg' recipe that school going Ramaa from Pune shared with us. I am definitely making this soon!

Shrea from San Diego shows us her favourite lunch, kale and avocado salad. That looks healthy and crunchy!

4 year old Kiara from Pune drinks her mug of almond milk + seeds + strawberries before going to school. Isn't she a cutie?

Mokshagna from Chennai shows us his platter of grilled and marinated cottage cheese, also called paneer. It is low carb and high protein. Vegetarians rejoice!

Tanishka's Mom, Dr. Kalpana from Pune makes her stevia chocolates that work well on Tanishka's sugars. This way, she does not even feel left out when the other kids eat chocolates.

Ahmedabad Mom Pragya makes her son Rachit's latest favourite, green falafel with mayo. Looks brilliant! Link to the recipe here (Facebook) and here (Instagram)

T1 superstar RV from Jaipur tells us his mama's recipe for low carb flavoured frozen yoghurt. Just blend berries, cream, yoghurt in a blender, freeze the concoction and top it with nuts before you serve. Yum!

Shailesh from Aurangabad shares his go to food. A nice spicy mix of soya chunks in a tomato and onion gravy.

Sirisha from Hyderabad whips up some treats for her 8 year old daughter Srishti. On the menu are stir fried veggies and a nutty, chocolatey delight. Check out the video for the full recipe. See how their pet Vishwa wants a taste of the goodies too!

My tummy is rumbling looking at all these delish food posts. I think am going to go on and grab a bite now. In the meanwhile, do remember our March campaign topic is #TellingYouIAmType1. How was it introducing yourself as a diabetic to someone for the first time? It could be your friends, partners, colleagues, school principal, just about anyone. Tell us how it went. Feel free to share your videos and experiences with us and the rest of the world. Upload on www.club1diabetes.org/upload

Bon appetit!


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