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We've had a fabulous and super packed June here at Club 1 Diabetes. Without further ado, we present to you all that we did in this fun month.

June Type One Run Pune

We did our monthly 5km fun run on 2nd June, a bright and sunny Sunday morning and ran from Pune University to Bremen chowk and back. See our June Type One Run album here.

If you are in Pune this week and would like to join in for all the fun and conversations with other T1 and T2 friends, quickly register with your friends and family for our run on Sunday, 7th July on this link.

June Type One Run group at Pune University

Our #RecceRunners are always excited to scour for new and unexplored run routes for upcoming runs. We have finalized a really pretty route for our July run and we are so excited to hit the roads with you all again soon! As always, everyone is most welcome to join in for our recces as well as the main runs!

Club 1 Diabetes Rock Climbing

We had an extremely fun Saturday evening scaling an open air artificial wall in Pune with light rain showers for added effects! Our climbers were in the age group of 7 to 50 years! Just goes to prove that T1s are fitter and more fun than your average Joe! We ran around, checked our sugars, climbed the wall (some of us multiple times and on tougher gradients!) and chatted with friends - all in one evening.

The Club 1 Diabetes gang happy and tired after rock climbing

Check out more photos from our rock climbing album here.

Diabetes awareness programmes at schools

At Club 1 Diabetes, we believe that true awareness about good health starts young and we kickstarted our school diabetes awareness programme where we talked about all things diabetes and fitness.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, we visited Lexicon school at Hadapsar in Pune and conducted a diabetes awareness camp where our T1 volunteers spoke to the kids about type 1, type 2 diabetes and their experiences growing up with T1. We even found another T1 kid in the audience and that had us so excited!

Club 1 in Jalgaon

Club 1 Diabetes made a trip to meet our T1 friends in Jalgaon which is about 500 kms from Pune. We had a fun run and an awareness session at a local Rotary Hall too.

See the full album here.

Trail walking

As if all of that wasn't enough for one month, 3 T1s went for a 21km trail walk and hike up the hill behind Lokseva school in Pune in the first rains and had a ball.

Club 1 Diabetes Blogs

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June blogs
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June campaign : #MarriageAndDiabetes

As most of you know, we run a social media campaign each month where we pick a topic and invite you to send in your videos and thoughts on it. This month's interesting topic was props to our T1 friend Charudatta from Pune. We've had videos coming in from everywhere - Mumbai, Pune, Jalgaon and from our friends in Pakistan too!

Swati has been T1 for 38 years and she is a Diabetes Educator at KEM Hospital Pune. Her husband Kiran and her share the story of their love marriage and how they recently became grand parents too! Aren't they sweet?

Vivek from Mumbai has been married for three years and reinforces the fact that marriage and diabetes can definitely have a happily ever after.

Mina's story has been shared from generation to generation in JDF Mumbai. Not only has she comfortably lived with T1 for 60 years, she also fell in love with and married Richie, her husband and has kids and grand kids too.

Read Mina's story here

Akshay from Pune talks about the 'shaadi ka laddoo' and is wondering whether to take a bite or not!

Sana from Meethi Zindagi Pakistan shares her thoughts on how to combat the stigma and discrimination that sometimes comes with being a T1 getting married. Also do check out Annum's video on marriage and diabetes.

Renu and Anand from Jalgaon are both T1s and married to each other. They share how they help and support each other through the curveballs that life throws them.

What happens when you get four boisterous and unruly girls together to do some performance poetry? Chhavi penned these lovely lines that we performed to and had a ball, as you can see!

Get in touch with us if you'd like to participate, volunteer or share your stories and videos. Our July campaign topic is #FunnyDiabetesStories, courtesy Chhavi. Along with the stress and seriousness, diabetes also brings us ample opportunities to crack up and laugh our hearts out with our friends. Shoot a video and upload it on www.club1diabetes.org/upload and let us share your story with the world.

Have a happy July everyone!

One last thing...

Four type 1 diabetics from Club 1 Diabetes are about to attempt a 100km trailwalker to raise awareness for diabetes and fundraise for those in need through Oxfam. Please give generously on the link below and consider how your donation can make a difference in the lives of people in India touched by Oxfam through their goals of gender justice, education for underprivileged children, social inclusion and humanitarian response during disasters and conflicts. Your donation will also help us smash stereotypes that diabetics are limited by their medical condition, where in fact we can do just about anything.

Click here to donate

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