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Welcome to the Club 1 Diabetes monthly round up of all the cool things that we did this month and are about to do in the coming months. We have an exciting announcement to make, keep your eyes glued to your screens until the end of this article.

Club 1 Diabetes had fun in May (whom am I kidding, we have fun every month!). We kicked off our monthly 5km Type One Run on 12th May and had a huge turnout - look at the number of people squeezed into this frame! We even had a Hypertension Camp after the run and breakfast, where doctors and volunteers checked everyone's BP. See the May Type One Run album here.

May Type One Run Pune at Chittaranjan Vatika

Our #RecceRunners paved the way in the blazing May heat and brought to you the Type One Run June running route, from Pune University to Bremen Chowk and back, a simple and beautiful route. Feel free to join us for a recce run or the main event anytime! We would love to have you!

Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun

Gibran probably forgot to add, slather yourself with copious amounts of sunscreen while you're at it. The Club 1 Diabetes team did a 23 km Trek + Power Walk at Punawale, which is about 30kms from Pune and earned their tan lines. We trekked up the Ghoradeshwar hills and had an aerial view of the cricket stadium below. The ancient temple and caves from 3rd century CE seem to be carved from one gigantic rock. It is believed that Saint Tukaram used to meditate there. What's better than a little history with your trek?

Apart from all the running around, we also launched Club 1 Kitchen, a space to talk about foods that we love and that work for our blood sugars too.

Diabol is our series of diabetes dialogues with diabetic super achievers and we had our second episode with the amazing Jassi (Jaskaran) who bowled us over with his wit and strength.

We also had a great month at the Club 1 Diabetes Blog where we bring to you content that is real and relatable, for diabetics and from diabetics.

May blogs
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Our May campaign topic was #MyT1Motivation and here is a slice of what we discussed and debated on all through this month on our social platforms. Three year old Malhar's parents tell us what is the driving factor in managing their newly diagnosed son.

We had a lot of new runners, including birthday girl Saloni telling us what inspires them.

Little Prisha  from Pune seems really clear on what she wants and doesn't want. We love that!

The very modest Soham who doesn't run but literally flies, tells us what motivates him as a teenager.

Isn't the best motivation having great numbers? Srishti from Hyderabad does a show and tell.

National level athlete and football player Saurabh from Nagpur is happy to have found a support group and we are happy to have found him!

Kulsum is a medical student from Delhi and shares what keeps her motivated.

So here's the exciting thing we have been waiting to tell you. Four type 1 diabetics from Club 1 Diabetes are about to attempt a 100km trailwalker to raise awareness for diabetes and fundraise for those in need through Oxfam. Please give generously on the link below and consider how your donation can make a difference in the lives of people in India touched by Oxfam through their goals of gender justice, education for underprivileged children, social inclusion and humanitarian response during disasters and conflicts. Your donation will also help us smash stereotypes that diabetics are limited by their medical condition, where in fact we can do just about anything.


Trail walkers L-R : Sagar, Chhavi, Chinmay, Nupur

Happy June, everyone!

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