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Dear readers, Happy New Year! Wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022. The year that has gone by has especially reinforced (and how!) the old adage of health is wealth. We hope you continue to exercise caution and safety while also slowing down to appreciate the little things in life (a good blood sugar number or A1c, the rush of endorphins when you exercise, a healthy, happy meal, see what we mean?) and indulge in some self care!

A new year always brings with it an opportunity for some reflection. While 2021 has been a challenging year overall, it definitely had its bright spots too here at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation! The team has shown some incredible resilience and enthusiasm yet again as we stride together to work on advocacy and creating diabetes awareness across India to ensure every family living with any type of diabetes has the right to live a happy and healthy life in society with dignity. Read all about the year that went by in our monthly newsletters.

This weekend, Mouparna & Sanskruti, both T1s, will be in conversation with Dr Atrayee Ghatak, Consultant Paediatrician & Diabetes Lead at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool, UK about children & diabetes. Register now for the workshop - open to all and ask the doctor your questions!

Join us this Sunday! Feel free to share!

Here's a quick low down on all that happened during the last month of the year 2021 at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation.

Blue Circle Workshops & Events

Blue Circle Workshops are online weekend workshops that are free and open for all, even non diabetics! Join in, have fun and learn new things. Sign up as a member and follow our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube to know of upcoming workshops.‌ Be a part of our awesome Facebook community too!

Project Gaia Workshop

At Project Gaia, our initiative is to create a safe space for women living with all types of diabetes. We conducted a workshop on Food Shaming - read the highlights of the workshop conducted by Sanskruti and Ashlesha by clicking the post below.

Carb counting Workshop

We conducted this workshop in Hindi because we want diabetes education to be available & accessible to everyone and language should never be a barrier in learning how to manage your diabetes. Click the post below to read highlights of this workshop by Sajan and Rohan in Hindi.

Diabetes & Bone Health Workshop

Click the post below to read highlights from our workshop with endocrinologist Dr Ameya Joshi on diabetes & bone health, hosted by Mouparna and Nupur.

Meethi Baatein

Ninth Facebook Live of our series called Meethi Baatein to celebrate top contributors of our community on Facebook. Sanskruti was in conversation with Rakhi, see the video here.

Meethi Baatein with Rakhi on Diabetes Support Network India!

In the News

RJ Supriya from Fever FM spoke with Nupur for a podcast on HT Smartcast (by Hindustan Times) & powered by Meta. We spoke about our Facebook community, Diabetes Support Network - India which is an initiative of Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation. Listen to the podcast here & feel free to share.

Podcast by HT Smartcast & Meta : Interact to Impact with Nupur Lalvani

The Logical Indian also wrote about us! Read the article here.

Snapshot of the article featuring Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation in The Logical Indian

Blue Circle Diabetes Calendar

A fun calendar featuring real, everyday heroes living with diabetes. Calendar 2022 now open for orders! Order yours now: https://www.bluecircle.foundation/store

Order now!

Excited to launch our third edition of the #BlueCircleDiabetesCalendar for 2022. This special calendar features 12 people with different types of diabetes to remind you that a diagnosis didn't end the journey, and that with grit and determination we will triumph together! Keep it on your desk or let it adorn your wall and gift it to your family and friends too! Meet the 12 amazing people with diabetes on our calendar! For bulk orders, email us on support@bluecircle.foundation

Order NOW: https://www.bluecircle.foundation/store

Buddy Project Helpline

The Buddy Project Helpline is our mobile app based psychosocial helpline for diabetes and mental health. Trained volunteers living with diabetes (type 1, type 2 & caregivers), speaking 7 different languages are here to listen to you without judgements. If you feel lost, depressed, anxious, panicky, suicidal or generally upset, please schedule a call with us. These are tough times but remember you are NOT alone, your community stands with you.

How to call the Buddy Project helpline

Image: screenshot of how to navigate the Buddy Project helpline on the app

Open the Blue Circle Diabetes app > Buddy Project > Schedule tab > pick a buddy of your choice > Schedule a call (once you schedule you'll see it under the 'Meetings' tab > 10 minutes prior to the call, you'll receive an app notification/reminder > To join the call, open the app, go to Buddy Project & under the 'Meetings' tab, press the 'Join' button (video is off by default, can switch on as per preference)

Looking for a partner? Marriage & Diabetes

We understand that a lot of people with diabetes face tremendous difficulties in finding the right partner and getting married. We have received a lot of requests over the years to facilitate a platform to this end. Here's our small effort in that direction. If you'd like to find a partner, or are a parent who would like to introduce their child looking to get married, please introduce yourself on our private Facebook community, Diabetes Support Network - India.

Marriage and Diabetes

Blue Circle Store

Check out the adorable, diabetes inspired stickers and magnets from the Blue Circle Store and order them now!

Success Stories

If you have a success story you would like us to share, email us on support@bluecircle.foundation with 'Success Stories' in the subject line. Send your name, photo, type of diabetes and a short paragraph on your success. Click both posts below to read about the successes of Padma, living with type 2 diabetes & Dr Sangeeta, living with type 1 diabetes.


Read our blog here. We write about everything from recipes to people's stories, technology and everything diabetes!‌

Read our blog!


To participate in our social media campaigns, share your video or photo (with some supporting text) on the topic with us. Upload through the Blue Circle Diabetes mobile app and we'll feature you!

Kanishka is 2 and a half years old and lives with type 1 diabetes. She lives in Karad, Maharashtra with her parents. Both parents are physically challenged (neither of them has any type of diabetes though). The family of 3 enjoy spending time together ❤️ We love Kanishka's peals of laughter and how the family is #WinningOverDiabetes.

Click the posts below to read-

2 year old Dhruva has had type 1 diabetes since she was a year old. Type 1 diabetes can happen to anyone, at any age. With the right management and support, we can lead completely normal lives! ध्रुवा चॅम्पियन आहे!

Connect with us and participate!
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