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Register now for our online workshop on 'Managing Type 2 Diabetes' by endocrinologist and CEO of Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Dr AG Unnikrishnan on Sunday 14th February at 5PM IST on the Blue Circle Workshops platform.‌ Share the link with family and friends too!

Here's a quick low down on all that happened in the first month of shiny new 2021 at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation.

Blue Circle Workshops

Blue Circle Workshops are online weekend workshops that are free and open for all, even non diabetics! Join in, have fun and learn new things. Sign up as a member and stay tuned to our social media to know of upcoming workshops.‌

Basal Testing Workshop

Snehal and Nupur talked about what is basal testing, how to do it and its importance. Click the post below to read the highlights from the workshop.‌

HIGHLIGHTS | BASAL TESTING WORKSHOP 🟢 Basal is a generic name for all long acting insulins such as Lantus, Insulatard,...

Posted by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation on Sunday, 3 January 2021

Types of Bolus Workshop

Sajan and Snehal explain everything about bolus (fast acting) insulins - when to take, which ones are available, how to calculate meal time or correction bolus, etc. Click the post below to read the main takeaways in Hindi and English.‌

कार्यशाला !बोलोस इंसुलिन 🍝 bolus ऐसा इंसुलिन है 15 से 30 मिनट बाद असर चालू करता है और 3 या 6घंटे के लिए काम करता है और...

Posted by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation on Sunday, 10 January 2021

Using Data to Manage BG Workshop

People with diabetes have to make sense of a LOT of data to manage their diabetes daily. Rohan and Snehal conducted a workshop on how to manage and arrange the data so it makes sense and helps you manage your blood sugars well. Click the post below to read the highlights.‌

HIGHLIGHTS | USING DATA TO MANAGE BLOOD SUGARS (BLUE CIRCLE WORKSHOPS) 1. Logging your blood sugars, exercise, insulin,...

Posted by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation on Sunday, 17 January 2021

Sexually Transmitted Infections Live

As part of Project Gaia, our initiative to empower women with diabetes, Nupur discussed STIs with Dr Tanaya. Click the post below to see the Instagram Live.‌

Ask Us Anything Facebook Chat

We had an interesting chat on everything under the sun (diabetes related). Join our Facebook group if you haven't already. View the 'Ask us anything' chat thread here.

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A series of amazing women have launched our calendar over the last few weeks. Right from Olympian shooter Anjali Bhagwat, to model actors Richa Pallod, Aishwarya Sakhuja (who lives with type 1 diabetes and also features on the calendar!) and Kainaz Motivala too.

Our NGO is grateful for the support of Dr Fauzia Khan, Member of Parliament, ex Minister of State in Maharashtra. 1 of the 8 portfolios she looked after was of Public Health. Dr Khan talks about our Buddy Project helpline for diabetes and mental health and also unveils the calendar. See her video below.

See our calendar also being launched by RJ Megha and Priyanka Raajiv (both T1s and feature on the calendar too!), also by the gorgeous actor Sampada Vaze and FTII trained Auroshikha Dey!

The Punekar News featured our #BlueCircleDiabetesCalendar. Click the post below to read the article, like and share! In the Blue Circle Store, you can buy not only different types of calendars but also some cute diabetes inspired stickers and magnets! Support the NGO by buying, gifting, sharing posts on social media and tagging us (use the hashtag #BlueCircleDiabetesCalendar too)!

Order now: https://www.bluecircle.foundation/store

IN THE NEWS🗞️📣 The #BlueCircleDiabetesCalendar has been featured in the Punekar News today! Read the article & share:...

Posted by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation on Saturday, 16 January 2021

Fun 'Diabetes Gabbar' video:

Rohan, Snehal and Nupur are chatting about the making of the Blue Circle Diabetes Calendar which is India's first virtually shot, printed on paper calendar featuring 12 people living with diabetes (including public figures!). They also show off the fun, diabetes inspired stickers and magnets. Check out the adorable stickers and magnets and order them now!

App Updates

Blue Circle Diabetes app now also supports mmol/L on popular demand! Connect Read more about the app here. Download now! On Android and iOS

The Blue Circle Diabetes app now supports mmol too!

In the News

Popular travel blogger and podcaster Meenakshi (MyBohoVoyage) interviewed Nupur, see the video below. You can also listen to the interview as a podcast on Spotify and Apple.


A bite sized video by Snehal on how to remove your Libre sensor.


Happy memories from last year!

Buddy Project Helpline

SELF CARE 🌸How are you filling your cup today? What are you doing for #SelfCare today? Tell us in the comments. 🌸We...

Posted by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation on Friday, 29 January 2021

The Buddy Project is our mobile app based psychosocial helpline for diabetes and mental health. 12 trained volunteers (type 1, type 2 & caregivers), speaking 9 languages are here to listen to you without judgements. If you feel lost, depressed, anxious, panicky, suicidal or generally upset, please schedule a call with us. These are tough times but remember you are NOT alone, your community stands with you.

How to call the Buddy Project helpline

Image: screenshot of how to navigate the Buddy Project helpline on the app

‌Open the Blue Circle Diabetes app > Buddy Project > Schedule tab > pick a buddy of your choice > Schedule a call (once you schedule you'll see it under the 'Meetings' tab > 10 minutes prior to the call, you'll receive an app notification/reminder > To join the call, open the app, go to Buddy Project & under the 'Meetings' tab, press the 'Join' button (video is off by default, can switch on as per preference)


Read our blog here. We write about everything from recipes to people's stories, technology and everything diabetes!‌

Read the Blue Circle Blog

January campaign : #DiabetesTaughtMe

New month, new campaign. Nupur launches the new topic, #DiabetesTaughtMe​. To participate in this campaign, share your video or photo (with some supporting text) on this topic with us. Upload through the Blue Circle Diabetes mobile app and we'll feature you!

Lots of interesting stories from across the world!

#IDSRun2021 (Participate in the virtual 3km run!)

Register here for the 3km virtual run, #IDSRun2021 brought to you by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation and Chellaram Diabetes Institute Pune as part of the 5th International Diabetes Summit 2021. Early bird registrations get a free t-shirt delivered to your doorstep anywhere in India! This event is free and open to all (friends, family are most welcome too!)

Register for #IDSRun2021 - a 3km fun virtual run for diabetes. Free registration and free t-shirt (anywhere in India)....

Posted by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation on Friday, 5 February 2021

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