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Do you feel bad or stressed with how to say 'no' and define boundaries? Register now for our workshop on Sunday 9th July at 12PM IST.

Here's what our month was like at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation :

Blue Circle Workshops

Our workshops are free and open for all, even non diabetics! Join in, have fun and learn new things. Sign up as a member and stay tuned to our social media to know of upcoming workshops.

Physiotherapy workshop

Dr Mansi Shah, a physiotherapy & sports rehab expert conducted this workshop with us on Sunday 5th July 2020. Clicking on the post below takes you to our Instagram post with all the key highlights of the workshop.

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Key points from our physiotherapy workshop by Dr Mansi Shah. 💪Listen to your body, go slow especially if you're a beginner at workouts. Increase reps gradually. 💪Warm-up and cooldown is very essential to avoid exercise injury. Stretching is important. 💪For aspiring runners, wear comfortable shoes, stretching, warmup & cool down is essential 💪While working from home (desk jobs), don't sit on the bed all day. Sit straight, preferably on table and chair with laptop at eye level and take regular breaks. Strengthen your core and avoid slouching. 💪Drink enough water. Remember rest is important too. 💪If you're mopping the floor, don't bend over from the back to avoid pain, sit on your haunches 💪If you're lifting something heavy, divide the weight 💪Sleep on a bed that's not too soft or hard but firm enough . . #BlueCircleWorkshops #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #physio #physiotherapist #rehab #rehabilitation #fitness #health #physicaltherapist #exercise #wellness #pilates #backpain #chiropractic #pain #injury #therapy #massage #covid #sport #mobility #gym #sportsmedicine #healthylifestyle #diabetes #t2 #T1D

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Physiotherapy workshop takeaways

Carb counting workshop

What are carbohydrates, how do they affect blood sugars of people with diabetes, how to count carbs and more. This workshop hosted by Rohan T1 since 10 years & Nupur, Certified Diabetes Educator & T1 since 25 years was one of our longest and most interactive live workshops held on Sunday 12th July 2020.

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CARB COUNTING BLUE CIRCLE WORKSHOPS Date : Sunday, 12th July 2020 Time : 5PM (IST) Register (link in bio) : https://www.bluecircle.foundation/workshops/GguQbzGBY 🥑What are carbohydrates, how do they affect sugars of people with diabetes, how to count them etc. Come ready with all your questions and let's discuss with Rohan & Nupur! Rohan has been living with T1 since 10 years & Nupur since 25 years. 🥑Prior registration is mandatory on the link. Once you register you'll receive an email with the link to join the workshop on Sunday. Blue Circle Workshops are free and open to ALL (even non diabetics)😀 Feel free to share with friends and family too! . . #Diabetes #T1d #t2 #carbs #carbcounting #isf #icr #carbratio #insulin #insulinresistance #food #diet #healthyliving #HealthyEating #protein #fats #LowCarb #Keto #lchf #Nutrition #foodie #macros #calories #vegan #yummy #hungry #wholefoods #bloodsugars #fitness #carbohydrates

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Carb counting workshop

Dental care workshop

How should people with diabetes take extra care of their teeth and gums and maintain overall dental hygiene? We found out with Dr Rajeev Arora, Senior Consultant and Head Dental & Maxillofacial at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad. He has over two decades of experience and is the recipient of several accolades. Click on the post below for takeways from our workshop held on Sunday, 26th July 2020.

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Takeaways from our dental care workshop with Dr Rajeev Arora: • Brush atleast 2 mins with a soft or ultra soft brush (not a hard brush. Also the brush shouldn't have a very big head. Brushes can be replaced every 2 months). Using an electric toothbrush doesn't have any additional benefits. • Brush atleast twice a day, or preferably after every meal with a flouride based toothpaste • Flossing is important. Water flossers are a new and great option. Toothpicks aren't a good option • Mouthwash shouldn't be used in place of actual brushing. Use one that is alcohol free and avoid using it generally as it destroys the good bacteria too. Saline water rinses or diluted Betadine are a safer option (if you have BP issues, speak to your doctor). Over use may cause enamel damage • Maintaining sugars well will keep your teeth and gums healthy & avoid cavities, dry mouth, plaque, etc. Visit your dentist regularly. They may recommend getting scaling done or using xylitol chewing gums to increase salivary flow. • Tongue cleaners may damage the tongue. Using the brush is sufficient. • For middle of the night hypos, atleast drink water or gargle or use wet cotton to wipe teeth after eating to avoid tooth decay • During Covid, you may tele-consult your dentist and visit only incase of emergencies . . #dental #dentist #dentistry #smile #teeth #diabetes #dentalcare #tooth #dentalhygienist #dentalclinic #T1 #T2 #orthodontics #oralhealth #dentalimplants #dentalhygiene #veneers #teethwhitening #health #covid #braces #type1diabetes #type2diabetes

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Dental Care Workshop takeaways

International events

Nupur was a panelist representing the voices of PLWNCDs as an advocate from Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation at this high level panel on 13 July 2020 organised by the WHO, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NCD Alliance to explore NCDs and COVID19: Learning lessons and building back better for the future.

Panel poster

Blue Circle Diabetes app on iOS

Blue Circle Diabetes mobile app now on iOS too!

We're happy to announce the Blue Circle Diabetes mobile app is now available on iOS too (download here)! Read this blog to know all the features and see the video below:

App video

DiaBol - Diabetes Dialogues

In Ep: 4 of DiaBol - Diabetes Dialogues, Chhavi and Nupur are in conversation with Dr. Ambrish Mithal about type 2 diabetes in India - prevention, treatment & reversal. Dr Mithal is a Padma Bhushan and BC Roy awardee. He is also the Chairman and Head of Endocrinology & the Diabetes Department at Max Healthcare. Earlier this year, he was appointed as domain expert on the Governing Board of National Health Authority (2019) of India & President of AIIMS Gorakhpur. We hope this interview answers the questions and concerns that you've shared with us. Do like & share the video if you find it helpful & subscribe to our channel for more such content.  

DiaBol Ep:4 with Dr Ambrish Mithal

In Ep: 5 of DiaBol - Diabetes Dialogues, Snehal & Nupur are in conversation with endocrinologist & CEO of Chellaram Hospital Dr. Unnikrishnan, about weight management in diabetes. We hope this interview answers the questions you've shared with us regarding weight loss & gain in type 1, type 2 & pre diabetes. Like, share & subscribe!

DiaBol Ep:5 with Dr Unnikrishnan

Blue Circle Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is an online helpline for diabetes and mental health which is run by trained, multilingual volunteers living with diabetes. Schedule a call with a buddy of your choice through the Blue Circle Diabetes mobile app, available on Android and iOS!

Meet your diabuddies!

Regional language videos

Together we're going to make sure language is never a barrier in diabetes self management. Check out Arvind's video in Tamil.

Arvind's video in Tamil (glucometer)

Savita shows us how to use a glucometer in Malayalam.

Savita's video in Malayalam (glucometer)

and Mayur shows us how to use an insulin pen in Gujarati.

Mayur's video in Gujarati (insulin pen)


Read our blog here. We write about everything from recipes to people's stories (check out the latest story on being queer and diabetic in India), technology and everything diabetes!

July blogs

July campaign : #SuperKidsWithDiabetes

Keep sharing your photos, videos and thoughts with us and tell us your experiences on our monthly topics. Upload your content through the Blue Circle Diabetes app. We want to hear from you! Kashvi introduces the campaign!

Arish brought down the interwebs with his cute cheeks!

Sarthak made us all go "awwww!"

Meghal is a fierce little Rani Laxmibai!

and Naserafatima is a sweet little lady!

Mahi takes it away with her toothy smiles!

Naitik absolutely slaying it!

We have to admit, there's nothing cuter in the world than little girls!

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