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We're back to remind you of all the fun that's to be had in the days ahead! If you're in Pune this weekend, come run with us at our November run at ARAI on Sunday, 10th November by registering here if you haven't already. We love it when you bring your family and friends along, just don't forget to register them too! Fun runs in Pune are followed by delish low carb breakfast, courtesy KEM Hospital. Come, meet and make new friends!

Join us for the Pune run on Sunday!

Our Delhi chapter has an exciting photowalk planned on Saturday, 16th November. What is a photowalk, you ask? Let Rohan coach you on how to make the most of your mobile phone camera. It will be a walk in the park, quite literally! Click here to register.

Join us for a photowalk in Delhi!

Here's a sneak peek into all the behind the scenes planning that goes on before our events. Did you say it looks fun? Well, it definitely is!

Here's a run down of what October looked like :

October run at Udaan Biodiversity Park

The rain streak in Pune has been unending! Cyclone Maha promises to bid adieu to the city by November 8th and hopefully we'll have a dry run this month (pun unintended!). See the full album of our October run here.


Our blog is a ready reckoner of all resources and tips for everything you want to know or share about diabetes. Whether you're just getting started or want to sharpen your diabetes management, we talk about everything from technology to low carb, peppered with inspiring stories of people with diabetes.

Blogs in the month

Coffee meet up

Type 1s just want to have fun! Parinaaz came down to Pune and we found another excuse for some caffeine and conversations with friends.

Pictures from our coffee meet-up in Pune

October campaign : #ProfessionAndDiabetes

We asked you all to send in your videos for our monthly campaign and here goes our October campaign, #ProfessionAndDiabetes!

Our topic for this special month of November is #DiabetesAwareness - be a Blue Circle Ambassador, shoot a video of yourself doing what you love, be it singing, dancing or talking about diabetes to create more awareness in society about the condition we live with. Do your bit and upload your videos here and we will share it with the world this diabetes month!

Sanjeevani has been T1 for 35 years and shares her professional journey in her video.

Madhura talks about an important concern we all have - should we talk about our diabetes at work or not?

Sweta is mom to a young T1 girl and shares her thoughts on profession and diabetes.

Chhavi asks some pertinent questions about issues that diabetics may have at the workplace and shares her personal experiences too.

Parinaaz shares her story about why it's always a good idea to let your colleagues know you're diabetic and how to help you in times of need.

Reach out!

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Last but not the least

A big thank you to each one of you that supported and contributed to help us participate as the only type 1 team in India at the Oxfam Trailwalker where we will attempt to walk a whopping (and hopefully fun) 100 kms in December! This is our way of creating awareness that diabetes doesn't stop you from anything!


We need your help and support to continue to grow, expand and touch the lives of countless people in the diabetic community. Every little bit helps us in sustaining this endeavour.

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