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We never tire from all the fun and excitement do we? No way! It's not going to happen, after all we're turning one year old in August. Come join us for our anniversary special August Type One Run Pune on Sunday, 11th August by registering on this link. As the only support group in India to have completed 12 consecutive monthly runs over the last year, this calls for a celebration! Come rain or shine, you joined us, jogged with us, volunteered with us and made memories! Thank YOU, each one for a being a part of this wonderful journey.  

Come run with us! This picture is from our August 2018 run - the first run!

Let's get down to our highlights in July :

July Type One Run

We had a very rainy and wet July run. While some of us ran with wind cheaters and umbrellas, few others enjoyed jogging down the beautiful roads with the rain drops falling on their heads! We had our friend Lakshminarayana who visited us from Hyderabad for this run, he is always great company to have. See the full run album here.

July Type One Run at Bavdhan

Club 1 Diabetes Dance Workshop

For all our dance aficionados, we organized a peppy dance workshop called 'Bollywood Beats' where we danced to popular retro numbers and basically had a complete ball! It was a Saturday evening well spent and we polished off some healthy snacks after burning some calories.

Check out more photos from our dance album here.

Diabetes awareness programmes at schools

We organized yet another Diabetes Awareness Camp at the central government run Kendriya Vidyalaya school, Ganeshkhind (Pune) which also happens to be our friend Neha's alma mater. We spoke to a gathering of over 1600 students and teachers as T1s and parents (of T1s) and shared our experiences and tips about diabetes. As if on cue, we also met a lovely type 1 diabetic girl from the same school and became friends with her instantly. After the session, we were literally gheraoed by all the eager students asking us hundreds of questions related to diabetes. We couldn't be happier to answer them all and then some.

See the full album here.

Delhi Meetup

Our friends in Delhi have been having too much fun together - chilling at hipster cafes with resident cats. Are you in Delhi too? Connect with us to hang out with this crazy bunch next time. Like and follow our Facebook page, join our Facebook support group, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram too!

Trail walking

Armed with rain gear and snacks, the trail walkers set off on their 20km expedition. The enjoyment with friends made up for the sore feet later!

Club 1 Diabetes Blogs

As always, we want to bring to you content and blogs that are real and relatable. If there is something you want to read about or discuss in particular, let us know and we will write about it. Read all our blogs here.

Club 1 Diabetes blogs in July

July campaign : #FunnyDiabetesStories

As part of our monthly social media campaign, Chhavi came up with this interesting topic for July and wanted to bring out the fun side of diabetes. Listen in to her Libre funny stories. Thank you for all your video contributions, we always look forward to those!

Watch Rohan having fun while sharing some wisdom about managing hypos smartly.

Our friend Aisha shares her #FunnyDiabetesStories from school amid peals of giggles!

Has anyone mistaken your insulin pen for a real pen? Lakshminarayana's friends once did!

As T1s we learn to see the funny side of things. Kuldeep was once mistaken to be drunk while the poor guy was actually in hypo! Has this ever happened to you?

I've been having fun draining unwanted tea down the sink and feeling rather smug about it. Seriously, how does one fend off all the food and drink that people force you to have?

Get in touch with us if you'd like to participate, volunteer or share your stories and videos. Our August campaign topic is #DiabetesCommunityConnect. Tell us how being part of a community has improved your life for the better. Shoot a video and let us share your story with the world.

Have an awesome August everyone!


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