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December has been a fun month where we invited you to vent with us about the things that really irk and irritate you about being type 1 diabetic and boy, did we get a long list! We picked our top 10 #AnnoyingT1Things from your responses and videos and here they are :

1.It's called 'Diabetes', not 'sugar' : Easily one of the most irritating things in the Indian context. Now when someone asks me if I have 'sugar', I pull out a sugar sachet from my handbag (hypo stash courtesy Starbucks/random coffee shops) and ask them if they mean this? Check out what Bhakti has to say.

2. T1 is NOT T2 : In the unexpected case that someone actually correctly calls it what it is, ie : diabetes, you can be sure they are convinced that you're a T2 diabetic without even knowing what T1 diabetes is! Boys and girls, T1 is an auto immune disorder and T2 is a mostly lifestyle related disorder. They are very different and have different causes and different treatments. Kunal vents below.

3. Don't tell me what to eat! : It is simply exasperating trying to convince well meaning folks that you'll stay alive and have a full tummy without their unsolicited diet advice too. A well rounded lady once tried very hard to convince me to eat a donut - "You can simply take insulin and eat whatever you want darling, don't worry" she said. Whatever happened to my free will? I don't wish to eat a donut, thank you. You go right ahead and eat one more, lady since you feel so bad for me!  Eat more fibre, eat sattvic...don't eat my brains! Argh. Madhura shares her feelings.

4. Leave me alone, auntyji : Relatives, neighbours, friends, acquaintances everybody comes to the rescue with free advice and oats laddoos. Jigar is fed up and here's what he has to say.

5. I'm not a doing drugs, I'm T1 : Why would anyone in their right mind sit at a restaurant table and shoot up carefully calculated units of heroin before a meal in full public view? We are type 1 diabetic and need to inject insulin multiple times a day, including before meals TO LIVE. Got it? Shailesh shares his experience of being asked to inject himself by airport security to prove he's diabetic.

6. Who ate my hypo stash? : We get wildly possessive (and with good reason) about keeping our life saving hypo stuff safe and available when we really need it during a hypo. Prashant tells us how his friends love him for being Santa because he always carries sweets and glucose tabs on him on his long bike rides.

7. Karela juice/Ayurvedic powders and fairy dust mixed with sunshine WON'T cure T1 : I'm really sorry you feel bad about my diagnosis (I don't, I just deal with it) but karela juice, fenugreek water, okra, cinnamon, wise old men practicing Ayurveda cannot cure me. Insulin keeps me alive and I intend to stay alive. Insulin is not addictive or evil. Ovi is frustrated with the bad advice shared with her family.

8. We don't need sympathy, take it back please : We don't want pity. Period. No one wants it, no one likes it. How hard is that to understand? Riddhi has never thrown or attended a pity party. See what she has to say about this in her video. Lakshminarayana has something to share too.

9. Good bye, dear sleep : For the rest of the world, 2AM and 3Am might be the time to crawl back into bed from a night of partying, but for T1s and their families, it's the time to do a blood test and/or treat a hypo/hyper. Shalet voices our collective feelings in her video.

10. Can you marry and have babies? : Hell yes! If you're smart and take care of your diabetes well, you can even have grand kids and great grand kids for God's sake. You're absolutely fit to find a partner and marry too. It's just your beta cells that have an issue not your brain or reproductive organs. Sheesh, people come on!


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