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Here are a few Hindi muhavare (commonly used phrases) with an added 'diabetes' twist to them! Enjoy!

Jiski lathi, uski bhains

Meaning - 'Whoever owns the stick, owns the buffalo'. This could also mean 'might is right'.

Whoever owns the stick, owns the buffalo

Moral - Be empowered and manage your diabetes with proper medication. Insulin is your friend, not foe.

Door ke dhol suhavne

Meaning - Things may look attractive from a distance, but they may actually not be.

Things may look attractive from a distance, but they may not be

Moral - Check the carb content before consuming sugar-free products. Remember, sugar free does not mean carb free and more such myths here!

Uth ke muh mein jeera

Meaning - Too small an amount for a big need.

Too small an amount for a big need

Moral - Take hypo tabs according to your weight, blood sugar level and active insulin in the body. Read our hypo guide to know more on how to treat a hypo without letting your sugars go high.

Charon khane chit karna

Meaning - Checking all boxes

Checking all boxes

Moral - Manage diabetes well with regular exercise, proper medication, a balanced diet and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels.

Id ka chand hona

Meaning - To be seen once in a blue moon or very rarely.

To be seen once in a blue moon

Moral - Unicorns are rare! But, let's try and maintain good blood sugars levels throughout and hopefully get more of them! If you're wondering what a unicorn is, read our fun diabetes dictionary.

Jitni chadar, utne hi per failao

Meaning - One should spend as per one's resources and not more.

One should spend as per one's resources

Moral - One should take bolus insulin as per their insulin to carb ratio. To know how to calculate your ratios (Insulin Sensitivity Factor and Insulin to Carb Ratio), read this article.

Ab pachtaye kya hot, jab chidiya chug gayi khet

Meaning - What is the use of repenting now, when birds have spoiled the field (no use of crying over spilt milk or lamenting something that has already occurred)

What is the use of repenting now, what is done is done

Moral - Don't repent if blood sugars go out range, but look for the the reason/causes why it happened and correct them for the future to avoid complications.

Apna ullu seedha karna

Meaning - Look out for one's own interests.

Look out for one's own interests

Moral - Prices of select insulin have shot up by 20% last year. Insulin manufacturers are growing their revenues each year.

Bandar kya jaane, adrak ka swad

Meaning - Those who don't know, can't appreciate.

Those who don't know, can't appreciate

Moral - One should go by the facts and not follow suggestions and advice from people who don't know much about diabetes. Read some myths and facts here and read about types of diabetes here.


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