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'Tis the season to be jolly! We just turned one and it is the start of the festive season here in India, beginning with the festival of our favourite Elephant God, Ganesh Chaturthi. Sticking to our health goals and choosing wholesome, healthy food and regular exercise is going to be tough with all the temptations around us during this period, isn't it?

That's why we are here to remind you to join us for your regular dose of exercise and merriment at the September Run at Salisbury Park in Pune on Sunday, 8th September. Registering is really easy (click here to register!) and comes with a big serving of fun and delicious low carb breakfast easy on the blood sugars!

September Type One Run invitation - we want to see you there!

Let's run through the highlights of this month and then run together on Sunday.

Anniversary special August Type One Run

We have been consistently running one run a month, for one whole year, come rain or shine. August was our anniversary special run and we celebrated and how.

Thank you all for being a part of this 'Movement to Move' and exercise together.

We had a huge turnout despite the cloudy skies and rains. We ran at almost the same place we had our first run in August 2018 as a happy reminder. We had friends from Hyderabad and Bombay who joined us too. We had friends who ran with us last year as well as brand new faces and we welcomed everyone to the fold with piping hot breakfast, celebratory low carb cake and lots of chai at the very cool Hippie at Heart cafe in Pune. See the full album here.


In our endeavour to be relevant and accessible to a wider audience, we launched our first ever regional language blog in Hindi - lovely poetry by Rohan. Whether you are new to diabetes or an old hand, need tips to get started or just a little motivation or maybe some recipes, you must not forget to check out the resource that is our blog (link here).

Blogs that we wrote this month

August Campaign : #DiabetesCommunityConnect

As most of you already know, we run a monthly social media campaign across all our platforms where we pick a specific topic and everyone is welcome to share their thoughts through a video (or photos or words for all you introverts!).

Madhura shares a heartfelt video on how community changed her life. Two things really stand out for me from this video - one, acceptance is key (so true! Haven't we all struggled with this?) and two, you'll do just fine. At whatever point in life you maybe, things can get better. Everything will be okay.

Soham used to be a shy teenager. He is now the undisputed champion of our monthly runs and one of the most confident and helpful young people at our meetings. His mother, Dr Krupa talks about the very noticeable and positive change in her son (you can see Soham in the background).

Mihir joined us for his first run and talks about finding a community in a new city.

Tejana and Chandrakant are parents to little Malhar, who is newly diagnosed and about 3 and a half years old. The whole family shows up for the runs (including Malhar's elder brother).

As for me, I'm really grateful to have found a community and some great friends for life!

Connect with us!

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Oxfam Trailwalker

Four type 1 diabetics will be participating in the Oxfam Trailwalker and will attempt to walk a 100 kms over a period of 48 hours to raise awareness for diabetes and funds for Oxfam.

The team of T1s who will attempt a 100km walk
If you would like to support our cause and encourage the four T1 walkers to meet their minimum fundraising target (Rs. 80,000) to be able to participate in this challenge, please donate.

Stay safe and happy exercising through the festive months!


We need your help and support to continue to grow, expand and touch the lives of countless people in the diabetic community. Every little bit helps us in sustaining this endeavour.

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