Everything diabetes
My diagnosis story
I was a good kid in school, high school was cool, college did end but found diabetes at the end
It wasn't my calling, it seemed like an end. Metformin had become my best friend
Diet, dose and despair, my blood sugar didn't care. It rose and fell like a bouncing ball
They said do more exercise, increase your dose. Diabetes can be rough if you are not tough
Something was wrong, I felt tired all day long. Doctor gave me basal, said take daily take a shot
I ended up in DKA, ICU wasn't fun. C-peptide was done, insulin production was none
I said I was Type 1, it felt like a relief. They said take insulin, lifelong please
I have made friends with meters, needles and CGMs. If you make friends with diabetes, your happiness won't end
But it was a one way affair, for they didn't care. Diabetes can be cruel till you get some T1 friends
They would listen to me, they would understand for we are sailing in the same boat, hand in hand
Make enemies your friend, make friends your best friend. If you make more money than friends, you will have a lonely end.


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