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It's that time of the year again. We want to make simple and easy to follow resolutions that we can stick to in 2023. Resolutions are meant to be broken, you say? Not if they are doable and logical. Like these!

1. Eat healthy foods

Eat healthy food

In 2019 my indulgences in fast food increased. Consuming processed food and junk is not good for anyone. This year, too I plan to limit it substantially and indulge in more healthy food options everyday.

2. HbA1c tests

Hba1c test

Its important to check your HbA1c at least once in 3 months. Here's a list of other tests you must do regularly. The Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation calendar has a cool A1c reminder every quarter so that you are on-point in 2023!

3. Regular exercise

Regular exercise is important, not just when you're chased by a dog :)

Exercise should be a daily habit, I'd say. It improves insulin sensitivity and keeps you happy. Whether you're just starting out with a regime, or are into more intense workouts (like these T1s who completed a 100km trailwalker), remember to keep your body moving!

4. Count/limit carbohydrates

Count carbohydrates 

It's important to know how many carbs you're eating so that you can bolus accordingly. Confused? Read our refresher and guide for the newly diagnosed. Looking for information on low carb and some lip smacking recipes? Read this resource.

5. Maintaining logs and records

Maintaining records just became so much fun with the Blue Circle Diabetes app!

I find recording my sugars to be the most boring part of diabetes management. Having said that, it's also one of the most important aspects. I've lost countless scraps of papers where I used to note my food and sugars. The good news is the Blue Circle Diabetes app has been launched! I can now log my sugars, meals, insulin and exercise and the app generates a report as well, which I can share with my doctors! I plan to use the app daily in 2023.

Download the Blue Circle Diabetes app on Android and iOS!
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Check out the cool MEAL SHARING FEATURE in the Blue Circle #Diabetes #app (download here : https://bit.ly/36MvYa7) Here's Rohan's meal, pre and post dinner #blood #sugar readings (that automatically update through the #Libre Pro, Glimp or Miao Miao depending on what you use!) and the #macros. Upload your meals, sugars and share what you're #eating with the world! Go to 'Meals' - enter your #data - hit 'share'! How to share your meals with us - Open the app, go to 'Meals' - add your food photo, carbs, description, eg: rajma (if you use Glimp, pre and post sugars will update automatically, if you use a glucometer, add your pre and post meal BG manually in the app) - and then hit the 'share' button and we will share your post! PS - there's also a notification to remind you to check your BG 2 hours after a meal! #lowcarb #keto #technology #T1 #T2 #HealthyFood #MealSharing #BG #TrackingMacros #Logging

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Here's a meal I logged on the Blue Circle app - it shows me my pre and post meal readings along with a picture of the food I ate too! Isn't that cool?


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