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“We have a chance to do something extraordinary. As we head out of this pandemic we can change the world. Create a world of love. A world where we are kind to each other. A world were we are kind no matter what class, race, sexual orientation, what religion or lack of or what job we have. A world we don't judge those at the food bank because that may be us if things were just slightly different. Let love and kindness be our roadmap.” - Corn

Now, more than ever it's important for the diabetes community to remember that good blood sugar management is the key to longetivity and avoiding negative outcomes in relation to Covid and otherwise. Keep your sick day management guide handy for emergencies and stay on top of the game, folks!

Join us this Sunday evening, 10th May for an online workshop on Functional Training. Register here and challenge your friends and family to join in too! This beginner level class will be led by Kiran who is a fitness coach. If you're unsure what functional training is, it's basically workouts that improve coordination, balance and awareness - things that are required in performing everyday activities such as walking up stairs or lifting a heavy suitcase properly without injuring yourself.

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FUNCTIONAL TRAINING I BLUE CIRCLE WORKSHOPS Date : Sunday, 10th May 2020 Time : 5PM (IST) Register (link in bio) : https://www.bluecircle.foundation/workshops/XP6rRRdeS Register yourself and your family for a beginner level #functional #training #workshop and let's #sweat it out together! Once you register, you'll get an #email with a link to join the workshop on #Sunday. The class will be led by Kiran, who is a #fitness coach. Blue Circle Workshops are FREE and open for ALL (even non diabetics!)😀 Please share this post so that maximum people can benefit! . . #T1D #T2 #Diabetes #FunctionalTraining #FunctionalFitness #CrossFit #workout #gym #mobility #StrengthAndConditioning #exercise #ExerciseMotivation #Diabuddies #StayFitDontQuit #Covid #StayHome #TypeOneFun #Strength #BlueCircleWorkshops

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Register for the Functional Training Workshop

Here's what our month was like at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation :

Zumba workshop

We kicked off our online Blue Circle Workhops with a foot tapping Zumba class on Sunday 12th April led by Ketaki, who is type 1 diabetic and a Zumba instructor. Full album here.

Art workshop

Glimpses - Art workshop I Blue Circle Workshops

Rohan turned us all into artists with his simple and fun art workshop. Watch out, these kids are Picassos in the making! Full album here.

Yoga + Pilates workshop

Glimpses - Art workshop I Blue Circle Workshops

We had a refreshing Sunday evening in Zainab's Yoga+Pilates workshop. Look at the serenity! Full album here.

Regional language videos

Together we're going to make sure language is never a barrier in diabetes self management. Sonu shows us how to test on a glucometer, this video is in Gujarati.

We want to make sure no one is left behind. Mouparna explains in Bengali, how to test sugars. Whoever you are and wherever you might be from, we are there for you, you are not alone.

The Sugar Diaries

In episode 4 of The Sugar Diaries, Chhavi and I are in conversation with Dr Ganesh Jevalikar, one of the top paediatric endocrinologists in the country and Principal Consultant at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Gurugram. We hope this interview answers questions about obesity, thyroid, type 1 and type 2 diabetes in children and more.

In episode 5 we have Rohan in conversation with Sajan from Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh. Sajan has been type 1 diabetic since 1986, the last 33 years. This is the beginning of our series in regional languages and the first video in this series is in Hindi. Sajan has been a great community member and has helped himself and lots others along the way. He is a pharmacist, has been a national level badminton player and is a really good singer too! Do like and subscribe to our YouTube channel 'Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation' and share your comments for Sajan.


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April campaign : #QuarantineAndChill

Share your photos, videos and thoughts with us and tell us your experiences on our monthly topics (stay tuned for our May topic!). Upload your content through the Blue Circle Diabetes app. We want to hear from you!

Mini's made a sweet video about what a day in quarantine looks like for her.

Anindita has unleashed her inner artist with these beautiful pieces, don't you think?

This is how our T1 kids have been keeping themselves busy this lockdown. Kudos to the parents and children!

Arjun makes some mellifluous music, have a listen.

What happens when your mom is a basketball champ? She makes you a home gym. Little Kiara's having fun!

Rohan let loose his inner Tarla Dalal with this delectable looking mutter paneer.

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