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In the last few weeks, a lot of us folks who have been quarantined at home in our pyjamas, with our mug of coffee and messy hair have had a lot of time to reflect and contemplate our ephemeral lives. A friend shared this poetry with me last evening and  I think it does a great job reminding us to celebrate this gift we have, called life.

A Psalm of Life (poetry) by Longfellow

Let's march ahead, friends! We bring to you an online zumba workshop on Sunday, 12th April, 2020 at 5PM. Registrations will open soon, stay tuned and let's shake a leg at home this weekend!

Let's do virtual Zumba with Ketaki!

Let's see what this unreal month of March was all about (including memories from back when we could physically meet) :

Run for diabetes - Pune

Zumba warmup led by Khusboo and Snehal, our dancing queens!

Run for diabetes was a fun run organised as part of the 4th International Diabetes Summit 2020 organised in collaboration with Chellaram Hospital. We began our Sunday morning with a peppy Zumba warm-up and trotted off. Some of us sprinted, some jogged and some walked but we all completed successfully, whether we were 5 years old or 75! Upon returning, a delicious healthy breakfast awaited us followed by a medal and certificate distribution for the participants. Full album here.

Carb counting workshop - Pune

We wrapped up an enjoyable morning and went home wiser after attending the carbohydrate counting workshop as part of the summit at the JW Marriott hotel.

4th International Diabetes Summit 2020

Blue Circle attended the 4th International Diabetes Summit 2020 organised by Chellaram Hospital. We had a wonderful experience, meeting experts, learning new things, attending the carb counting workshop and collaborating on Run for Diabetes.

Morning walk - Mumbai

We walked leisurely in the bylanes of Bandra, along the bandstand promenade to Mount Mary church amidst the beautiful, old architecture. Adorable little Kashvi and her sister Vrinda lead the trail for us. We followed it up with a scrumptious breakfast.

Interview with channel NewsX

Our four T1 trail walkers were interviewed by the NewsX channel. The more information we spread about diabetes (including the difference between type 1 and type 2), the better. If you'd like to know their incredible experience of walking 100km over 48 hours as the first ever T1 team to do so, read this blog.

Corporate awareness - Pune

As part of our Corporate Diabetes Awareness Programme, we organised a session at the Holiday Inn Express, Hinjewadi (full album here). If you'd like us to spread the word about diabetes in your offices, connect with us on support@bluecircle.foundation and we would be happy to spread the word.

The Sugar Diaries

In episode 3 of The Sugar Diaries, Snehal and I are in conversation with Harsh, who is an artist, athlete and owner of superhero pyjamas living with type 1 diabetes. Here's some motivation to exercise in these times.

The Sugar Diaires, Ep: 3

Project Gaia

We bring to you Project Gaia, an initiative by Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation, that aims to better the lives of women and young girls in India living with diabetes. Gaia (pronounced 'guy-a') is the Mother Earth goddess from Greek mythology.

Project Gaia

Online workshop - Women and Diabetes

March is Women's History Month and we wanted to bring a few women and girls together to discuss challenges and issues unique to women living with diabetes, especially in India. We had an enjoyable workshop.


Read our blog here. We write about everything from recipes to people's stories, technology and everything diabetes!

Blue Circle blogs

March campaign : #WomenAndDiabetes

Share your videos with us and tell us your experiences on our monthly topics. Upload your videos through the Blue Circle Diabetes app.

Dr. Unnikrishnan, CEO and Chief of Endocrinology at the Chellaram Diabetes Institute shares his thoughts on our monthly campaign.

Parinaaz gives a shout out to the two most important women in her life who have always supported her, her mother and sister.

Snehal puts a fun spin on women, fashion and diabetes. Who else finds crop tops and diatressed jeans the perfect outfit to take a shot?

How easy or difficult do you find it living as a woman with diabetes in India with all its socio-cultural barriers? As women, we get so caught up in the humdrum of daily lives and taking care of families, that we forget to take care of ourselves, isn't it?

Corona chatter

Here are some basic Corona guidelines that we are sure you already know, but all the same click our Instagram posts below for a quick recap.

We've all at some point or the other fallen prey to the Corona anxiety. See what our friends do to keep themselves occupied. How do you stay sane? Click the post below and tell us your tips and tricks in the comments.

Dealing with anxiety and stress

Come apocalypse or pandemic, exercise is going to remain very important for everyone, diabetes or not. Click on the post below to see how all our T1 friends are acing home workouts and staying fit!

Home exercise ideas! Don't slack!

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