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Seeing people around the world suddenly get conscious of their bodies because of the CoVid-19 pandemic is a little otherworldly to me. Suddenly everyone's become hyper aware of their bodies - What does that cough mean? Is it allergies or something else - potentially serious and requiring intensive care? It's been slightly weird watching everyone turn frantic about the state of their bodies, something most 'normal' or abled people have never given a second thought to. And even with the Corona testing positive and turning deadly for thousands young people (under 40) in Italy, it goes to show that young people have been placing too much faith on their young, immune bodies. After several deaths spanning age groups, healthy people in the west (where the fear is reasonable and a little too late) are finally giving in to 'paranoia'. Not going to lie, it's been slightly satisfying as a diabetic to see abled people going crazy about the implications of the slightest of symptoms.

Helpline information (India)
As a type 1 diabetic I've had to learn to look out for every little sign that things may be wrong.

After 10 years, it's more than second nature to me. It's who I have to be. Starting from why is a wound not healing to whether I'm drinking too much water and why I'm feeling dull / tired, it's a full time responsibility to be alert about my diabetes!

Suddenly, the whole world has to come to terms with their mortality the same way we do - without warning and day upon day - at least they know one day it'll be over. We have to deal with it for far longer. Which is why the world coming to terms with health and the inconveniences of a physical form is good. The more people self quarantine, the less likely is the virus to spread! Sounds like a win. For all of us. And because we know how fragile health can be, the least of what we can do is to self quarantine.

Do you feel you have symptoms? Here's what to do

Don't use the health warnings and holidays as an excuse to finally catch up with friends or go on a cheap holiday. We're still at a higher risk of CoVid-19 than our friends owing to our chronic conditions. We can, and more likely, will be vectors and transmit the virus to our loved ones. Italians didn't pay heed - their aged, disabled and at risk groups have been disproportionately affected.

Self quarantine and prevention methods

We know the pains of living with an ill, corporeal form, and to not always cave in to temptations at the cost of our health. Your friends will not have flexed that muscle so much - to them the health scare is temporary. Meeting up, dinners, parties, trips - they're all a temptation & as diabetics, don't cave. We have years of practice on this front. Work from home, take online classes, skip your tuitions for a week - more if necessary. Test your sugars more often, proactively take a correction dose when needed, exercise at home, eat healthy, keep basic sick day management rules handy and remember to aim for normal blood sugars since hyperglycemia makes us immunosuppressed.

To combat Cornona as a person living with diabetes : flatten the curve by practicing social distancing, maintain hygiene (wash hands well and frequently) and keep your blood sugars in normal range.

Tips for diabetics in the time of Corona

Here's more resources on self quarantining: Data on the Italy Outbreak, How to Quarantine Yourself, The Stay At Home Manifesto

Be prudent, be aware and stay inside and safe!
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