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This year in February, I came across these protein bars from a brand called The Whole Truth Foods (previously known as 'and nothing else foods'). They claimed to have 'no added sugars' in their protein bars and that's what piqued my interest. As a person living with type 1 diabetes since the last 18 years, I am always on the lookout for healthier options and sugar-free products. I bought a box of 6 protein bars back then and I absolutely fell in love with them.

The Whole Truth Protein Bars

Let's go through what they claim:

  • No added sugar
  • No sugar alcohols
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • No added colour or flavours

Here 'No added sugar' means there's no additional refined sugar or sweeteners added to make the product taste sweet. It only has natural sugars from dates or khajoor, which is an ingredient used to make the protein bars. They have 8 variants of protein bars. They have complete list of ingredients and nutritional facts mentioned on the packaging. I love that the ingredient list is clean and small - consisting of only 4-5 products. They look amazing, taste delicious and have healthy ingredients.

Please note that the protein bars do have carbohydrate content of around 18-22 gms, so if you want to eat them with your blood sugars in range, you should bolus for it as per your ICR (Insulin to Carb ratio).
Ingredients in the Whole Truth Protein Bars
Nutritional Facts about the Whole Truth Protein Bars

I love to eat them :

  • as pre and post workout snack (I usually do 60 mins of ┬ámoderate level cardio and strength training workouts) and it helps me by maintaining my blood sugars in range and avoid hypos
  • as a hypo treat (I eat 10 gms of sugar and half or full protein bar as per blood sugar)
  • anytime I have cravings for sweets, it's my guilt free sweet treat :)

I am sharing pictures of how it affects my blood sugar readings at different times from the Blue Circle Diabetes App.

Final Thoughts

  • I absolutely love them, healthier option to random sweets available in the market.
  • The packaging mentions complete ingredient list and nutritional information.
  • You can order it directly from their website (surprise for our community, using coupon code "BLUECIRCLE" will give you 20% off !) You can order here: https://thewholetruthfoods.com/collections/protein-bars/
  • They are available in a box of 6 protein bars, priced at Rs. 600 (that makes it Rs. 100/protein bar). You can customise your own box as well. They are also available on Amazon but the discount code above is only applicable if you buy from their website.


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