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2020 started with a bang as we launched the Blue Circle Diabetes mobile app -download on Android and iOS. This application was designed, tested and made by our beta tester team, entirely composed of type 1 diabetic champs! How cool is that?

An app for diabetics, by diabetics
This is what the app homescreen looks like

Here's a quick video on what the app looks like :

Video : Blue Circle Diabetes app walkthrough

Let's cut to the chase and show you some features :

Log BG, meals, insulin, exercise

For effective diabetes management, logging data points is one of the most important things. Until you log enough data, your doctor (or you) can't make an informed decision to adjust your doses or other parameters.

Here's what the homescreen looks like (unicorn day for me!). It shows you an average of your blood sugars of previous days, also shows time in range, hypo and hyper (you can customize and set your range under 'Settings'). Scroll down and you see the monthly campaign video (you can submit yours too!) and upcoming online and local Blue Circle events. To log your glucose (if you're using a glucometer) simply click 'Add' and enter your BG. If you use the Libre (Pro), you can sync it by going to 'Settings' and following the three simple steps mentioned there.

Average BG for the day (previous days too) on the homescreen

To log a meal, go to 'Meal', click 'Add'; you can now enter a photo of the meal, description and macros (carbs, proteins, fats). If you use a glucometer, enter pre and post meal readings. If you use Libre, it will pick up your pre and 2 hour post meal readings automatically (isn't that awesome?).

Entering a meal is easy, quick and shows you pre and post meal readings too!

If you'd like to share your meal with us, just hit the 'Share' option under the meal entry and we can share it across our platforms to motivate and inspire our other friends to eat healthy and have normal blood sugars!

While you record your sugars and meals, don't forget to record your insulin doses. On the home screen, click 'Insulin' > 'Add' and you can enter your bolus, basal or Mixtard dose. If you forget to record, you can always edit the date and time to enter an old record.

Here's how to record your shots

There's a list of exercises to choose from under the 'Exercise' tab on the homescreen, take your pick and get pumping!

Record your exercise here

Reminders to check post meal sugars

Hi-5 for reminders and greater times in range!

When you record a meal or snack (Home screen > 'Meal' > 'Add'), at the bottom you'll see an option to remind you to check your BG in 2 hours. This reminder is set by default and you can un-check the box too. Checking your post prandial sugars and correcting accordingly is a sure fire way to increase time in range.

2 hours after you enter a meal, you will receive a reminder to check post meal BG

Syncs with Libre (Pro) and Miao Miao

One of the coolest features is that the app syncs with your Libre Pro and even Miao Miao. If you're using only the Libre (Pro), you'll have to have an app called 'Glimp' installed on your mobile as well. If you're using the Miao Miao device, you'll need to have the 'Tomato' app on your phone.

Connect Libre + Glimp :

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3. Ready!

Connect Libre + Miao Miao :

Step 1
Step 2...aaaand connected!

Add followers to track sugars/diet/dose in real time

Hands down THE best feature is that followers (family/friends/partner) can continously see their T1 or T2's sugars while being physically apart AND receive hypo and hyper alarms to know if their T1 is in immediate danger. What you need : both T1 and follower to have the Blue Circle App (obviously the T1 would need to use the Libre or Libre+Miao Miao combination for this to work in real time. No worries even if you're using a glucometer, your followers can still keep track of your logs).

This is what your follower sees if you're the T1

How to add followers

  • Both child and parent need to have the Blue Circle Diabetes app installed on their phones and be signed in as T1 and caregiver on their phones (or as diabetic, T1 or T2 and caregiver)
  • From the child's handset, press the 3 horizontal lines on the top left of the app's home screen
  • Press the 'Follow' option. Here you will see 2 tabs, 'Activity' & 'Followers'
  • Click the Followers tab and press the red button 'Add Follower'. It will ask for the email ID of the follower. Enter that and press Submit.
  • Then the follower (parent) will receive an email from support@bluecircle.foundation with the Subject line 'Invite to follow <Name>' (if you don't see the email, search all folders and type in the support email ID in your search box). That email contains an OTP
  • Now the follower (parent) needs to open the app, go to Follow and under the Activity Tab, press the Enter OTP button and enter the OTP received over email and click Submit. You're now a follower! (The OTP exists to ensure both parties, ie: diabetic and follower agree to share BG, food, insulin etc)

Generate reports

There are two types of reports - Quick and Detailed (1,2,3 and 4 week reports). Quick reports (similar to the one above) show you each sugar reading and each input of exercise, insulin and food.

Detailed reports, like the one below give an in depth analysis of the past week (or 2,3,4 weeks) and you can email these reports to your doctor too. Each bar in the graph represents a day of the week and shows you how much time you spent in range, hypo and hyper. It also shows you your customisable target range for better perspective (all of us needn't fit a common target range). You can also make a day wise study of pre and post prandial sugars, see what you ate, how exercise and insulin affected your BG.

The more you log, the more you can fine tune your diabetes management
Weekly reports

ICR, ISF Calculator

It's important you know your ISF - Insulin Sensitivity Factor and ICR - Insulin to Carb Ratio (read more here) to be able to take the correct dose for meals or to bring down high sugars. The app calculates this ratio for you based on the input you give.

Calculate your ICR and ISF ratios

Buddy Project Helpline

The Buddy Project helpline is India's first app based, psychosocial, free helpline for diabetes and mental health run by trained, multilingual volunteers with lived experience of diabetes. This community led, peer support system was born out of Covid and our diabuddies are trained by the Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy, Indian Law Society, Pune and Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Pune in providing basic psychosocial and diabetes support. Our volunteers are fluent in English, Hindi, Dutch, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil and Punjabi. More information here.

How to use the Buddy Project helpline: Open the Blue Circle Diabetes app > Buddy Project > Schedule tab > pick a buddy of your choice > schedule a call (once you schedule you'll see it under the 'Meetings' tab > 10 mins prior to the call, you'll receive an app notification/reminder > to join the call, open the app, go to Buddy Project & under the 'Meetings' tab, press the join button (video is off by default, you can switch it on as per your preference)

Screenshot of how to schedule a call on the Buddy Project Helpline

Estimated A1c & Time In Range

Both these help keep you on track everyday. To view your estimated HbA1c and time in range, open the app > on the home screen below your current blood sugar and time in range > see estimated HbA1c values. If you use Libre/Pro simply sync Glimp (or the Tomato app if you use Miao Miao) with the Blue Circle Diabetes app (go to Settings>Glimp). Your sugars and A1c will automatically reflect.

For glucometer users, the more BG readings you input, the more closer to accurate your estimated A1c will be. You still need to do your lab tests as prescribed by your healthcare provider, this does not replace a lab test.

Screenshot of estimated A1c

Mg/dl and mm/oL

Blue Circle Diabetes app now also supports mmol/L (we were already mg/dl compatible) on popular demand!

Nutritional information

The Blue Circle Diabetes app now also has nutritional information available for a huge variety of foods. Press the 3 horizontal lines on the top left, then go to 'Nutritional Info' and key in some search words (if you can't find what you're looking for, change the word, for example, use 'lentils' instead of 'dal') and see the carbs, protein and fat content.

Use the app to search for carbs, protein and fat of each food!

Recipe Section

Deep dive into a delectable collection of crowd sourced recipes (many low carb ones too!) from our community. You'll see two tabs, All Recipes, with a list of recipes and their creators and My Recipes, for recipes you may have entered on the app.

Recipes galore! Add yours too!

Connect with us!

Join our Facebook support group, like and follow our page, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram and Twitter too! If you would like to share and contribute videos, upload it to the Blue Circle app and don't forget to check out our website & free online helpline too!

Disclaimer : All data is protected via the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy.


We need your help and support to continue to grow, expand and touch the lives of countless people in the diabetes community. Every little bit helps us in sustaining this endeavour. Our NGO is registered under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, India.

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